It's been almost four years since the last good winter sports movie (the underrated Out Cold), and Frostbite simply doesn't make up for the lost time.

The story -- as it exists -- is classic mountain hijinks. There's a Snowboard Academy which our supposed hero Billy (Adam Grimes) goes to attend, and the community surrounding it is strange, unlike anything you've ever seen. Primarily the town is waging a class war -- and I'm not joking when I say the factions are called "richies" and "poories" -- with Billy finding himself torn between his richie friends in the Academy and the more down-to-earth poories, which includes his girlfriend (the charming Carmen Nicole). When not on the mountain and under the cruel thumb of coach (Peter Jason), the war can be found being waged at the local coffee shop "Naomibucks," operated by the raunchy Naomi (Traci Lords).

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