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Ficek Lucky To Be Alive After Road Crash

British rocker ADAM FICEK has cheated death in an horrific car crash while on tour in Japan.The former Babyshambles drummer is currently on a solo trek of the Far East but has been left with...

Ficek: 'Babyshambles Split Left Me Dark And Miserable'

Former BABYSHAMBLES drummer ADAM FICEK spiralled into a "dark" and "miserable" period of depression during his final days in the British rock band, and blames a group "meltdown" for his decision to quit.Ficek walked away...

Ficek Leaves Babyshambles

British rockers BABYSHAMBLES have assured fans their planned gigs will go ahead after drummer ADAM FICEK announced he was leaving the group.Ficek recently sparked fears the band, fronted by Pete Doherty, was in trouble when...

Pete Doherty Unveils New Babyshambles?

Pete Doherty unveiled a new Babyshambles line-up this week confusing fans as to the group's current status. 'Last Of The English Roses' singer Pete was due to play a solo show in London on Tuesday...

Regular Rockers Babyshambles

Babyshambles are a "meat and potatoes" band.The 'Killimangiro' rockers believe they will never win any awards or enjoy major commercial success but are happy to be a staple fixture on the live performance circuit for...

Babyshambles Say Indie Is Dead

Babyshambles have delayed their next album because the current indie scene is so bad.The group - fronted by Pete Doherty - had planned to release their third LP later this year but have now postponed...

Babyshambles' Slow Progress

Babyshambles are slowly working on a new album.The rockers' attempts to return to the studio to record a third LP have been hampered by frontman Pete Doherty's solo commitments but drummer Adam Ficek is confident...

Graham Coxon Plays Surprise Show

People in the Spread Eagle pub in Camden were treated to a surprise over the weekend when BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON played an unexpected set as part of the Camden Crawl festivities.The musician took to...

By on 27 April 2009

Babyshambles Drummer To Release Christmas Song

BABYSHAMBLES drummer ADAM FICEK has announced he is getting into the festive spirit and releasing a Christmas single.The musician, who recently released a solo album as ROSES, KINGS, CASTLES, is making a bid for the...

By on 31 October 2008

Babyshambles 'Contributing To Novel'

The members of BABYSHAMBLES have all contributed to a forthcoming novel, according to the band's drummer Adam Ficek.Speaking to BBC 6 Music, he said each member will provide a different perspective on their life and...

By on 18 August 2008

Babyshambles Head Straight To Studio After Charity Gig

Just hours after performing a charity gig in London on Friday, BABYSHAMBLES were reportedly hard at work in the studio recording their third album.PETE DOHERTY's group took to the stage at 93 Feet East to...

By on 16 June 2008

Babyshambles Deny Guitarist Split

BABYSHAMBLES have dismissed a story which claimed guitarist Mick Whitnall is about to leave the band.The band are about to begin work on the follow-up to their third album Shotter's Nation, so a media report...

By on 11 June 2008

Babyshambles Star Ficek Distances Himself From Fans

BABYSHAMBLES drummer ADAM FICEK wants to escape the band's hellraising image as he prepares to embark on a solo career. The rocker hopes to attract a new breed of "uncool" fans with his solo project,...

Fan Steps In For Doherty

Pete Doherty's illness-enforced absence from last night's NME awards launch party gave one lucky fan the chance to play guitar with Babyshambles.Jamie Dell, 18, was plucked from the audience when the band's bassist Drew McConnell...

By on 07 December 2007

Babyshambles Drummer Starts Side Project

BABYSHAMBLES drummer ADAM FICEK has started a new musical side project: ROSES, KINGS CASTLES.According to NME, Ficek refers to the project as his "ringo moment" on his MySpace page and claims it is an "outlet"...

By on 26 November 2007

Babyshambles Drummer: 'Moss Was A Bad Influence'

Supermodel KATE MOSS was "detrimental" to her ex-boyfriend PETE DOHERTY's band BABYSHAMBLES, according to drummer ADAM FICEK. Moss teamed up with Doherty to write four tracks on the Babyshambles' new album Shotters Nation before the...

Babyshambles: 'Other Bands Will Overtake Us'

Rockers BABYSHAMBLES live in fear of being eclipsed by other bands on the British music scene if they fail to harness the potential of troubled frontman PETE DOHERTY. Drummer ADAM FICEK believes it is make-or-break...

Doherty: 'Rehab? It's More Like A Holiday'

PETE DOHERTY's BABYSHAMBLES bandmate ADAM FICEK has reassured fans their idol is doing well in rehab - branding it a "holiday camp". Doherty, who has famously battled addictions to crack cocaine and heroin, is in...

Babyshambles 'Briefly Split'

British band BABYSHAMBLES briefly split on Saturday (24JUN06) after frontman PETE DOHERTY failed to turn up for a gig in Paris, France. The troubled rocker failed to meet his bandmates at London's Waterloo station to...

Babyshambles Support Troubled Doherty

British rocker PETE DOHERTY will bounce back from his much-publicised drug battles and prove his musical talent, according to his BABYSHAMBLES bandmates. After numerous arrests for drugs-related offences over the past few months, the...

Doherty Going Solo

Troubled BABYSHAMBLES rocker PETE DOHERTY will perform solo when he supports THE STREETS at London's Alexandra Palace tonight (11MAR05), because drummer ADAM FICEK has suffered a bereavement in his family. Doherty has had a...

Doherty's Drummer Quit Over 'Management Issues'

LATEST: PETE DOHERTY's former BABYSHAMBLES bandmate GEMMA CLARKE quit the British group after disagreeing with their management. Self-confessed drug addict Doherty started Babyshambles last year (04) after he was kicked out of THE LIBERTINES...

Babyshambles Drummer Quits Band

Troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY has been hit by further problems - the drummer of his band BABYSHAMBLES has quit. Doherty's supermodel girlfriend KATE MOSS dumped him yesterday (27JAN05) and just hours later, percussionist GEMMA...

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