Counting Crows have delighted us with their first album release since leaving Geffen Records, 'Somewhere Under Wonderland' - and the tone is very different. But what did Adam Duritz have to say about his latest offering?

Adam Duritz from Counting Crows promo
We spoke to Adam Duritz about his first album in six years

Released on Capitol, the new album takes a more detached standpoint, stepping out of that first person narrative that was clear on much of his previous work and looking at a variety of characters. 'What you really want to do in a song is make sure to express how you feel about something and I always did that in the context of talking about my own life, and with the play I realised how satisfying it was to express it in other stories', Adam told us in a recent interview. 'That was very liberating for me. I didn't really think of that when I was starting this record, but I knew that I really enjoyed writing for the play.'

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