'Saving Lincoln' is an Abraham Lincoln biopic documenting his presidency from 1861 to his assassination 1865; in particular, his close relationship with bodyguard and friend US Marshal Ward Hill Lamon who saved his life in numerous assassination attempts. Lamon was a former lawyer from the South who enjoyed playing the banjo, drinking whiskey and wrestling; he was the perfect partner and confident for Lincoln, being large enough and with good enough gun skills to act as his security as well as an avid joke-teller and a supporter of Lincoln's anti-slavery views. Lamon did everything he could to protect the president during his four years in office, successfully foiling an assassination plot which was to take place in Maryland after his first election, tightening security after a bullet hit the president's hat while he was out riding and often sleeping outside his bedroom.

This highly accurate biopic was shot using CineCollage; a technique where Civil War backdrops from the Library of Congress are used in conjunction with the filming. It has been directed by Salvador Litvak ('When Do We Eat?') who also co-wrote the movie with his previous writing partner Nina Davidovich. 'Saving Lincoln' will hit cinemas on February 15th 2013.

Director: Salvador Litvak

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