GoldieBlox may have shot themselves in the foot if they wanted to appear as the victims in the ongoing saga surrounding their online advertising campaign that features the Beastie Boys song 'Girls.' After claiming that they are being sued by the surviving members of the rap group for copyright infringement, the company counter-sued, saying they had never infringed on any copyright. Now Mike D and Ad-Rock have hit back, saying they never sued anyone, but they're still facing a lawsuit.

Beastie Boys
Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock all agreed that they would never allow their work to be used on advertising

As intially reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the two remaining Beasties have penned an open letter to the company, in which they commend the advert and the company for their creativity, before stating that they agreed years ago to never allow their music to be used for advertising and finally saying that they had only ever enquired how the video was used without their permission, insisting that they had not taken the issue to the courts. Goldieblox on the other hand have taken the band to court, filing a complaint stating they never infringed on any copyright laws.

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