AC DC frontman BRIAN JOHNSON risked the wrath of former Russian President BORIS YELTSIN - he accidentally urinated on a Sputnik spacecraft in Moscow.
The veteran rockers were invited to play a gig in the country after Yeltsin saw off a coup attempt by hardline members of the Communist Party in 1991.
Yeltsin promised young supporters he would stage a rock concert to show his appreciation for their support - but the event almost ended in disgrace when Johnson soiled a prized satellite in storage at the venue.
He says, "We were playing at this big airport in Moscow in Russia when the coup happened, and Yeltsin was on top of a tank and he promised the kids as a thanks for helping - 'What do you want?' And they said 'We want rock and roll, AC DC.' So we went over and there was a million people there, and they had 30,000 armed guards to look after them.
"It was getting dark then and I was bursting for a pee. I went outside and there was this concrete plinth and I'm standing there going (urinating). And there were these two guards who were really upset. Then the translator came out (to explain) - I had just p**sed on a Sputnik! It was just this black ball, I didn't realise what it was."