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Nicholas Hoult Studied Smooth Hugh Grant For Tips On Flirting

24th February 2013

Actor Nicholas Hoult studied his smooth co-star Hugh Grant while filming About A Boy in order to pick up tips on how to make girls swoon.Hoult was barely 13 when he played Grant's son in...

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Minnie Driver To Take On Collette's Role In About A Boy Revamp

15th February 2013

Minnie Driver has been cast as a hippie mum in the Tv reworking of Hugh Grant's 2002 movie About A Boy.Perfect Couples star David Walton will take on Grant's character Will, while Driver's Fiona was...

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Paul Rudd's Comedy Admission

20th March 2012

Paul Rudd is in negotiations to star in comedy movie 'Admission'. The 'Wanderlust' actress will appear opposite Tina Fey in romantic comedy about an unmarried Ivy League college admissions woman who strikes up a romance...

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Mcfly Stars Write Children's Book

16th March 2012

McFly stars Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter are writing a children's book. The 'All About You' pop stars have signed a deal to write two books, the first of which will be called 'The Dinosaur...

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Hugh Grant Hasn't Signed Up For Bridget Jones 3

25th February 2012

Hugh Grant has not yet signed up for 'Bridget Jones 3'.The British actor - who played lothario Daniel Clever in the first two romantic comedies - has seen a script for the project, but reveals...

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Kick-ass 2'S Summer Shoot?

21st February 2012

'Kick-Ass 2' is set to shoot this summer. Mark Millar - who created the story about a boy who decides to become a super-hero - has confirmed a second story is expected to go into...

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Steven Spielberg Driven By Fear

10th December 2011

Steven Spielberg is "driven" by fear.The director admits he likes to take on projects which intimidate him, and he admits he is always nervous when he is on the set of a new movie.He said:...

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Christopher Mintz-plasse Doesn't Like Remakes

7th September 2011

Christopher Mintz-Plasse is not a fan of vampire films - despite starring in one. The 'Superbad' actor appears alongside Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin in the new remake of 'Fright Night', about a boy who...

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Taylor Lautner's Awkward Abduction

27th July 2011

Taylor Lautner felt "awkward" when he started shooting 'Abduction'. The 'Twilight Saga' star admits it took him time to get used to working on the movie, about a boy who finds his image in a...

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Kesha's Outrageous London Show

14th July 2011

Kesha lived up to her outrageous reputation as she brought her 'Get Sleazy' tour to London's HMV Hammersmith Apollo last night (14.07.11). Opening with crowd pleasers 'Sleazy', 'Take It Off', 'Dirty Picture' and 'Blow', it...

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Emma Watson Prefers Darker Harry Potter Films

13th July 2011

Emma Watson became more interested in 'Harry Potter' as the franchise got "darker". The 21-year-old actress - who has played leading lady Hermione Granger in the movie series for the last 10 years - began...

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I Am Number Four Effects Drove Director 'Crazy'

15th June 2011

'I Am Number Four' direct D.J. Caruso was driven "crazy" by the effects in the movie.The filmmaker - who shot, edited and released the sci-fi movie, starring Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron in less than...

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Harry Potter Movies To Receive Bafta

3rd February 2011

The 'Harry Potter' film franchise will receive the award for Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema at this year's BAFTAs.JK Rowling - who wrote the books the movies are based on - and producer David Heyman...

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Kim Cattrall Loved Gaining Weight For Role

28th January 2011

Kim Cattrall found it "heaven" gaining weight for movie 'Meet Monica Velour'. The 54-year-old actress - famed for playing man-eating character Samantha Jones in six TV series and two movies of 'Sex and the City'...

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John Goodman Joins Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

4th January 2011

John Goodman has joined the cast of 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close'. The 'Flintstones' actor will join Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks in the movie-adaptation of the novel about a boy in the aftermath of...

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Taylor Lautner Set For Incarceron

10th December 2010

Taylor Lautner has signed up to star in Fox 2000's 'Incarceron'. The 'Twilight Saga' star - best known for playing werewolf Jacob Black in the vampire movie series - will play lead character Finn in...

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Chloe Moretz Wants Hit Girl Return

5th October 2010

Chloe Moretz is keen to reprise the role of Hit Girl from 'Kick-Ass'. The 13-year-old actress - who caused controversy on the film's release because of the extreme violence and swearing her character undertakes -...

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Ben Folds' Musical Pressure

3rd September 2010

Ben Folds worried he wouldn't be able to come up with music good enough for Nick Hornby's lyrics.The pop jazz pianist has worked with Oscar nominated screen writer Nick on a new project called 'Lonely...

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Grant Gave Hoult The Gift Of Golf

10th May 2010

NICHOLAS HOULT will be forever grateful to his ABOUT A BOY co-star HUGH GRANT - because the actor introduced him to golf.The A Single Man actor shot to fame playing a geeky 12 year old...

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The Things They Say 15034

17th January 2010

"I can't watch it because it's too embarrassing. (U.K. TV network) ITV shows it all the time but they need to stop now!" NICHOLAS HOULT can't bear to watch his movie debut in ABOUT A...

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Hoult Lost Onscreen Virginity Two Days After His 18th Birthday

9th December 2009

ABOUT A BOY star NICHOLAS HOULT had an odd 18th birthday present from the crew of British TV drama SKINS - his first sex scene.Directors waited until two days after the actor had turned 18...

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Hoult Was Last Minute Ford Pick When 'Well-known Actor' Let Him Down

7th November 2009

ABOUT A BOY star NICHOLAS HOULT only landed the lead in TOM FORD's new movie A SINGLE MAN by chance - the designer-turned-director's first choice failed to show up for filming.Ford is refusing to name...

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The Things They Say 13282

28th August 2009

"HUGH GRANT was at my table and said: 'I don't even know who you are. Are you on a reality show?' I replied, 'Well I don't know who you are, except you f**ked a prostitute.'...

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Fascinating Fact 6543

14th December 2008

CHRIS WEITZ, the director of THE GOLDEN COMPASS, AMERICAN PIE and ABOUT A BOY, is set to replace CATHERINE HARDWICKE as the director for NEW MOON, the second installment in the TWILIGHT series....

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Hoult Puts Education On Hold

7th June 2007

ABOUT A BOY star NICHOLAS HOULT has put his education on hold to focus on his acting career. The 17-year-old Brit, who was 12 when he starred alongside Hugh Grant in the British comedy, has...

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Hoult Terrified By Mother's Reaction To Sex + Drugs Role

13th March 2007

ABOUT A BOY star NICHOLAS HOULT was terrified what his mother would think of his role in controversial British TV drama SKINS. Hoult, 17, plays teenager TONY in the sex and drugs-filled series, and worried...

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Kidman Confirmed For Compass

31st July 2006

Newlywed NICOLE KIDMAN is set to star as MRS COULTER in THE GOLDEN COMPASS, the film version of the first of PHILIP PULLMAN's bestselling HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy. ABOUT A BOY movie-maker CHRIS WEITZ will...

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Hornby Nominated For Book Prize

16th November 2005

ABOUT A BOY author NICK HORNBY has been shortlisted as a possible winner for next year's (06) Whitbread best novel prize. The British writer, whose best-selling novels HIGH FIDELITY, FEVER PITCH and ABOUT A...

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Grant Suffers At The Hands Of Hurley's Hairdresser

4th October 2005

Hollywood star HUGH GRANT recently opted to visit his ex-lover ELIZABETH HURLEY's hairdresser - and came away with the haircut from hell. The ABOUT A BOY actor, who split from Hurley in 2000, now...

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Grant's Hospital Humour Lifted Spirits

31st July 2005

Movie star HUGH GRANT has spoken out for the first time about coping with his mother's terminal cancer - and he insists laughter is always the best medicine. The ABOUT A BOY actor's mum...

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