If you're unfamiliar with the work of The Sparrow Quartet or Uncle Earl, don't listen avidly to Bob Harris and cannot bring to mind any Chinese/American cross pollinated musical styles and influences you may be forgiven for letting Abigail Washburn slip under your radar of excellence. However if you enjoyed last years July Flame, by Laura Veirs, have a liking for all things pertaining to the Decemberists, My Morning Jacket, or feel like exploring the works of a Mongolian string band then read on.

'City Of Refuge', no not the Nick Cave song or the 'Blind' Willie Johnson song that inspired that one, is both the title track and second album from Illinois born, Nashville based, ClawHammer Banjo player Ms Washburn. The follow up to the 'Song Of The Travelling Daughter' is far more an exploration of America's great musical legacy than some of her previously more stylised work.

Having seemingly had her wish granted that 'Jim fix it for her' to have some of the best contemporary musicians take their part in the making of 'City Of Refuge' Abigail and her producer Tucker Martine made sure they made the most of a mouth-watering line up.

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