Abigail Breslin is planning a low-key birthday party.

The 'Rango' star will turn 15 on April 14, but insists she will not mark the occasion with a lavish bash, and plans to join forces with her best friend to celebrate in private.

She said: "Well me and my best friend are thinking about having a joint birthday because we're just a month apart from each other. But no, I'm not like a huge party person. I just like to hang out and chill."

However despite her laid back attitude to parties, the actress is expecting lots of presents.

She joked to BANG Showbiz: "Well, I'm not opposed to gifts! Let's not get crazy now!"

Abigail admitted being a teen actress can be tricky because her voice changed over the course of making new animated movie 'Rango' for which she provides the voice of Priscilla alongside Johnny Depp and Isla Fisher.

She explained: "I came in two or three times to re-do some lines. For me, because we first shot it when I was 12, and I'll be 15 in two months so my voice started to change a little bit. And I'd be 13 and going in and my voice sounded, just different. I had to like, 'chipmunkify' my voice a little bit. Make it a little higher. Most people in the movie were not having to go through changes in their voices when they filmed it."