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Breslin: 'I'm A Hypochondriac'

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE star ABIGAIL BRESLIN refuses to watch medical TV shows - because she is a hypochondriac. The child star admits the programmes make her fear she will be struck down by an illness....

5th June 2008

Fascinating Fact 5127

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE star ABIGAIL BRESLIN has been made an honorary member of the Girl Scouts Of The U.S.A.

4th April 2008

Breslin Raises Animal Cash With Swear Box

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE star ABIGAIL BRESLIN gave Australia's animals something to smile about - thanks to a swear box on the set of her new family film NIM'S ISLAND. Appalled by Scottish actor Gerard Butler's...

2nd April 2008

Breslin's Crush On The Jonas Brothers

Oscar-nominated child star ABIGAIL BRESLIN has a celebrity crush on teen boy band THE JONAS BROTHERS. The Little Miss Sunshine star is only 11, but already has her sights set on the clean-cut trio, who...

27th March 2008

Fascinating Fact 5040

Scottish actor GERARD BUTLER's foul language cost him a small fortune on the set of new family film NIM'S ISLAND - young star ABIGAIL BRESLIN fined him $2 (GBP1) every time he cursed in front...

19th March 2008

Reynolds: 'Breslin Is An Inspiration'

RYAN REYNOLDS has hailed child star ABIGAIL BRESLIN an inspiration to young actresses - because she refuses to allow fame to rule her life. Reynolds, who appears alongside the 11-year-old in new movie Definitely Maybe,...

19th February 2008

Fascinating Fact 4826

Former Oscar nominee ABIGAIL BRESLIN, 11, hopes to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

13th February 2008

The Things They Say 6910

"She's incredible. I'm convinced she's just JUDI DENCH in good make-up." RYAN REYNOLDS is impressed with 11-year-old ABIGAIL BRESLIN's acting skills. Reynolds plays the Little Miss Sunshine star's father in new film DEFINITELY, MAYBE.

24th January 2008

Sunshine Star Breslin Has Fun With Sea Lions

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE star ABIGAIL BRESLIN learned how to ride sea lions while making new family film NIM'S ISLAND with JODIE FOSTER. The treat was part of a wild time the 11-year-old child actress had...

23rd January 2008

Fascinating Fact 4648

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE star ABIGAIL BRESLIN is to be feted with this year's ShoWest Female Star of Tomorrow honour in Las Vegas in March (08). Past recipients of the coveted cinema distributors prize have included...

16th January 2008

The Things They Say 6649

"I'd really like a puppy." LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE star ABIGAIL BRESLIN on her dream Christmas gift.

24th December 2007

Fascinating Fact 4199

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE star ABIGAIL BRESLIN has been named Glamour magazine's first Girl Of The Year. The 11-year-old, who was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in the hit comedy, will be honoured...

30th October 2007

Fascinating Fact 3685

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE star ABIGAIL BRESLIN has yet to cash in on her movie fortune - she gets just $11 (GBP5.50)-a-week as an allowance from her parents....

3rd August 2007

Fascinating Fact 3068

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE star ABIGAIL BRESLIN is set to become a living doll after taking the lead in AMERICAN GIRL, a new film inspired by the line of US dolls and accessories....

2nd April 2007

Arkin Wanted Breslin To Lose Academy Award

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE Oscar winner ALAN ARKIN wanted his young co-star ABIGAIL BRESLIN to lose for Best Supporting Actress because an Academy Award win would ruin her childhood. The 72-year-old played Breslin's grandfather in the...

27th February 2007

Fascinating Fact 2907

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE star ABIGAIL BRESLIN wore a $10,000 (GBP5,100) necklace to the Oscars last night (25FEB07). Jeweller NEIL LANE invited the 10-year-old to pick gems from his store - the first time he's decorated...

26th February 2007

Penguins + Sunshine Star Crash The Oscars

The HAPPY FEET penguins and child star ABIGAIL BRESLIN got last night's (25FEB07) Oscars ceremony off to an animated start as part of a pre-show skit. In the taped segment, Happy Feet hero MUMBLE left...

26th February 2007

The Things They Say 4130

"I love history, so I'd like to play a character from history like HELEN KELLER, AMELIA EARHART, or ABIGAIL ADAMS - who I am named after." LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE star ABIGAIL BRESLIN wants to go...

25th February 2007

The Things They Say 3950

"I'm not old enough to date yet. (I'm taking) my parents and my Curious George (doll). He just suffered an injury - a dog bit off his ear." Oscar nominee ABIGAIL BRESLIN on who she'll...

5th February 2007

Fascinating Fact 2785

If 10-year-old ABIGAIL BRESLIN claims Oscar gold at the Academy Awards next month (FEB07), she'll tie with TATUM O'NEAL as the youngest ever winner....

31st January 2007

The Things They Say 3892

"I have to be in bed by 10.30." Ten-year-old Academy Award nominee ABIGAIL BRESLIN is looking forward to Oscar night parties, but still has to adhere to a strict curfew....

26th January 2007

The Things They Say 3899

"I have American Girl dolls it might look nice next to." LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE star ABIGAIL BRESLIN ponders where she'll put her Best Supporting Actress Oscar, should she win big at the Academy Awards next...

26th January 2007

The Things They Say 3790

"I didn't want her to hear all that stuff, so I asked that she really be listening to music when she had her earphones on... It didn't make a lot of difference because she's seen...

16th January 2007

Dicaprio And Mirren Lead Sag Nominations

BABEL, DREAMGIRLS, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and DAME HELEN MIRREN will lead the way at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards later this month. The three films each earned three nominations, while DiCaprio and Mirren...

4th January 2007

The Departed Tops Las Vegas Film Society Awards

MARTIN SCORSESE's star-studded gangster movie THE DEPARTED has landed three honours from the Las Vegas Film Society, including Best Picture. The Departed also picked up a Best Director accolade for Scorsese and a Best Film...

20th December 2006

Big Four Films Land Seven Critics Choice Nods Apiece

DREAMGIRLS, THE DEPARTED, BABEL and LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE have been given a huge Oscars push after landing seven nominations for the Broadcast Film Critics Awards. The Departed landed nods for Best Film, Best Director for...

13th December 2006

Breslin An Early Golden Globe Girl

Child star ABIGAIL BRESLIN is an early favourite to land a Best Actress Golden Globe award for acclaimed movie LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, according to Hollywood insiders. Sources tell awards website that Breslin became a...

23rd November 2006

Breslin Banned From Bad Language

Young star ABIGAIL BRESLIN was banned from hearing any foul language or adult conversations while shooting hit independent film LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE and was forced to wear headphones to muffle any possible obscenities. The...

8th September 2006


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