After over 40 years on US TV, the much lauded series ‘All My Children’ came to an end last night on ABC, leaving only ‘General Hospital’ and ‘One Life To Live’ as the broadcaster’s only soaps – the latter is also set to end this year.
The finale to the show saw its most memorable character Erica Kane – played by Susan Lucci – find out that she wouldn’t get married again, before ending on a cliff hanger with the character J.R possibly shooting someone as the scene faded to black; this suggests that ‘All My Children’ will continue in some form or other, with production company Prospect Park reportedly taking the reins for an online series next year, says The Wall Street Journal.
The author of the book ‘Afternoon Delight: Why Soaps Still Matter,’ CAROLYN HINSEY, organised a watching party at a sports bar in Manhattan to mark the occasion, a rebuke to those who claim that soaps don’t matter anymore. Both ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life To Live’ have posted significant increases in audience figures in the months leading up to their ends.
Prospect Park are hoping to get all the current characters on board for their online show, so far they’ve announced two stars – Cameron Mathison who plays Ryan Lavery and Lindsay Hartley’S Dr. Cara Castillo Martin character – will join them, though there’s been no confirmation as yet of Lucci.