Late Tv mogul Aaron Spelling once developed a Pied Piper on Hamelin-inspired film for Michael Jackson.

The Hollywood icon's widow Candy reveals she got to know the King of Pop really well while he was working with her late husband on the film's script - and she's still upset the movie never got made.

She tells Wenn, "Aaron wrote lots of scripts that didn't work out. One was for Michael Jackson. Michael got George Lucas involved and all of a sudden George rewrote the whole thing and it became a whole different concept, so it didn't happen.

"It was very much like the Pied Piper film that Danny Kaye starred in, where Michael was, like, the Pied Piper who charmed all these children!"

Ironically, the King of Pop fought allegations of improper relationships with his young friends throughout his life and in 2004 battled a child molestation charge.

But Candy Spelling is among those who believes Jackson would never harm a child in any way: "I actually liked Michael. He was a very kind person and was a wonderful father. I was lucky enough to see some private moments of Michael with his children. I talk about it in my new book (At Last, A Memoir), but I got to see a different side to Michael Jackson from what everyone's read about."