Aaron Sorkin, the man charged with writing the biopic film of Apple mogul Steve Jobs life, has likened trying to depict the late electronics tycoon to that of trying to write about British rock group The Beatles. Ashton Kutcher will be playing Jobs in an independent film of Jobs' life, but as far as Sorkin's project goes he's been cagey about details so far - maybe because he's simply finding it so pressurising to write about him.
"It's a little like writing about The Beatles," Sorkin said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "There are so many people out there that know him and revere him." Instead of trying to provide a straight up film of his life though, Sorkin seems to want to focus on his own impression, or as he describes it "a painting, not a photograph," reasoning that "Steve Jobs is a big enough person and led a big enough life to make multiple movies."
Sorkin of course wrote 'Social Network,' which focused on Facebook and its creator Mark Zuckerberg, and he claimed that it was only Zuckerberg who'd broken his penchant for writing about heroes - something he'll revert to for Jobs. "He's a complicated guy," he said of Jobs, "Zuckerberg was, as well. But when I'm writing this movie, I can't judge this character. He has to be, for me, a hero."