Robert B. Martin Jr. and Aaron Priest's Hip, Edgy, Sexy, Cool promises that you'll never look at commercials the same way again, and damned if they aren't right on the money. The indie film, directed by and starring the duo, is a classically styled mockumentary about casting commercials (aka very short films), which might sound like a stupid topic but turns out to be hysterically funny.

Martin and Priest take on the roles of The Monkey Brothers, hipster-doofus casting directors who are hired for their biggest job ever -- a commercial for "Salsa Gusto," a daring product out of Salt Lake City of course, with its new ad being helmed by a highly sought-after director. It's a plum gig -- only the Monkeys don't have a bone of ability in their bodies, both earning D- grades in "casting school" at the local technical college. In fact, when it comes time to pick out the head shots they plan to audition, the origin of their Monkey moniker drives the point home.

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