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Kate Winslet: 'I Loved Going Back To Work After Bear's Birth'

Kate Winslet Chiwetel Ejiofor Aaron Paul Casey Affleck

Kate welcomed her third child Bear into the world in December 2013, her first with husband Ned Rocknroll. The British actress is barely away from a film set, so was gagging to get back to moviemaking as soon as she could. When John Hillcoat's thriller Triple 9 came up, she immediately said yes.

Kate relished playing the evil Irina, a role fans don't normally see her in.

"The film was made quite a while ago, and I had just had a baby who is now is almost two and a half, and he was only six months old at the time," Kate told Cover Media. "And I have to be honest, just from a selfish acting stand point, I just wanted a short, sharp jolt back into reality. I wanted to be terrified. I wanted to feel out of my comfort zone, and to work with a great group of people and sort of give me that feeling back. And it certainly did all of the above."

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Celebrities At BBC Radio 1

Aaron Paul - Aaron Paul arriving at the BBC Radio 1 studios at BBC Portland Place - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 10th February 2016

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul

UK Special Screening Triple 9

Aaron Paul , Kate Winslet - UK Special Screening of Triple 9 at Ham Yard Hotel in London. at Ham Yard Hotel, - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 9th February 2016

Aaron Paul and Kate Winslet
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul
Anchiwetel Ejiofor, Aaron Paul, Anthony Mackie and John Hillcoat
Aaron Paul, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kate Winslet, Anthony Mackie and John Hillcoat
Aaron Paul, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kate Winslet and Anthony Mackie

Jonathan Banks Told Of Breaking Bad Demise At Aaron Paul's Engagement Party

Jonathan Banks Aaron Paul Bryan Cranston

The movie and TV veteran played gloomy tough guy Mike Ehrmantraut in the hit TV show opposite Aaron and Bryan Cranston, and he reprised the role for prequel spin-off series Better Call Saul with Bob Odenkirk.

Mike was killed off in the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad, and he has now revealed he learned the news of his exit from Vince Gilligan when the cast gathered to celebrate Aaron's engagement to Lauren Parsekian.

"I always knew Mike was going to get knocked off (killed)," he tells Britain's The Guardian Guide. "We were at Aaron Paul's pre-wedding... engagement (party)... The hors d'oeuvres were coming around. Vince was standing there with me and Aaron's father-in-law-to-be, and Vince was going on about how the hors d'oeuvres were, and I went, 'Hey motherf**ker, what about my future? How am I going to die?' That's when he told me."

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Eye In The Sky Trailer

Drones are now one of the most effective weapons the military have when fighting in battle. Their surveillance abilities are incredibly high quality and make it much easier to find and target individuals who are wanted.

Colonel Katherine Powell has been given a mission to go and find and capture an ex-British citizen who's become an extremist and is meeting with some of the men on the most wanted list. Having been previously connected to a series of suicide bombings, the Colonel tracks down the woman (currently going under the new Ayesha Al-Hady) and makes contact with her superiors to let them know her progress.

Using a multitude of surveillance equipment, Powell soon becomes privy to the terrorists next plans, she discovers that the bombers are planning another imminent attack. Placed in an impossible situation, Powell and her bosses must decide how to complete the mission without the loss of civilian life.

Aaron Paul And Girlfriend Lauren Parsekian Stop For Health Shakes In West Hollywood

Aaron Paul , Lauren Parsekian - Aaron Paul and girlfriend Lauren Parsekian stop for health shakes in West Hollywood - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 21st December 2015

Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian
Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian
Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian
Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian
Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian
Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian

Central Intelligence Trailer

When Bob was at school he was the complete opposite to the person he's grown into. The uncool kid known for being quite rotund is now a lean, mean, killing machine - literally. Now going by the name Bob, he's one of the CIA's main operatives and he's about to embark on a tricky mission.

Coincidentally, one of the most popular kids from his year has also grown up to be a very different person to who he was. Bob calls on the help of one of the old jocks who's now living a far more sedate life as an accountant. Adjusting to a new way of life isn't going to be easy for the former no1 but with the help of Bob, along the course of their journey they might just save the free world from being destroyed.

Central Intelligence is directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber and will be released in June 2016.

Triple 9 Trailer

Terrell Tompkins and his team of officers are corrupt, finding ways to embellish their wage has turned into a habit that's about to land them in a lot of trouble. When a powerful member of the Russian mafia learns of Tompkins' money making ways, she blackmails him and his team into pulling a heist for her. Fearing they'll be exposed, the gang carry out the job for Irene, a woman who might look glamourous but has a dark soul. Once the job's complete, the crew believe they're in the clear but savvy Sergeant Detective Jeffrey Allen has been put on the case and he soon discovers that there's probably more to the robbery than first thought.

That's not the only problem facing Tompkins, Irene tracks the cop down and requests another job - if refused Irene won't hesitate in taking their lives. This job is far bigger than the last and is an almost impossible mission. Feeling their only option is to distract all the cops in their district, the team come up with a plan to pull a Triple 9 call - police code for 'officer down'. However, with Sergeant Detective Allen constantly uncovering more information and being faced with the ordeal of killing one of their own, the job will be far from straight forward.

Triple 9 is directed by John Hillcoat who also directed 2012's Lawless starring Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy & the film adaptation of The Road starring Viggo Mortensen.

Breaking Bad Casts Reunites At Smithsonian

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul

The Emmy award-winning programme's stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Jonathan Banks and R.J. Mitte came together in Washington, D.C. as props from the drama were added to the museum in recognition of the show's influence on American culture.

Cranston and Paul, who played drug kingpin Walter White and his business partner Jesse Pinkman, respectively, posed for photographs as they stood next to the iconic yellow Tyvek suits and gas masks worn by their characters as they 'cooked' in-demand blue methamphetamine.

Bags of the fake meth used on the show were also on display, as well as White's alter ego Heisenberg's famous black hat, an ID card belonging to the character's drug enforcement officer brother-in-law Hank, and a paper cup from fictional fast food restaurant Los Pollos Hermanos - the eatery used as a front for the show's New Mexico drug operation.

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Aaron Paul Joins Theatre Show For Halloween

Aaron Paul

The actor joined the cast of Sleep No More at the MCKittrick Hotel in Manhattan for the Halloween show on Saturday (31Oct15), playing a boy witch.

Aaron donned a spooky costume and sang along with classical recordings for his performance, which lasted around 15 minutes.

After finishing up, he joined his wife and a group of friends to toast the occasion, and he also spent time chatting with fans.

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'Breaking Bad' Actor, Steven Michael Quezada, Running For Political Office In Albuquerque

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul

An actor best known for his role in Breaking Bad is running for office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Steven Michael Quezada played Steven Gomez, Hank’s D.E.A. partner in the hit AMC show. He served the public in the series but how, taking a break from acting, he’s setting his sights on the role of County Commissioner.

Steven Michael Quezada and George LopezSteven Michael Quezada (L) and George Lopez (R) at a Celebrity Golf Pre-Party in Hollywood in May 2014.

Read More: Bryan Cranston Gives Catty Response To Breaking Bad Fan Who Asked About The Joys Of Albuquerque.

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Breaking Bad Memorabilia Up For Auction

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul

The show ended after five seasons in 2013, and now fans can get their hands on clothes worn by Bryan Cranston's drug manufacturer character Walter White and his sidekick Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul.

White's smart shirts and trousers, Pinkman's hooded jumpers, loud long-sleeved tops and jackets, and the show's signature chemical jumpsuit are being sold by Prop Store in an Internet auction.

Bidding opened on Thursday (16Jul15) and will close on 23 July (15).

Aaron Paul To Star In Hulu’s ‘The Way’

Aaron Paul Michelle Monaghan

Aaron Paul will star in a new drama series on Hulu. The 35-year-old actor, who is best known for his role as Jesse Pinkman in AMC’s Breaking Bad, will star in The Way. The upcoming series is being produced by Jason Katims, who is best known for his work on Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. Paul will also serve as a producer on the upcoming series.

Aaron PaulAaron Paul will star in The Way.

Read More: Aaron Paul Reportedly Set To Star In Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens Spin-off About Han Solo.

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Burberry 'London In Los Angeles' - Arrivals

Aaron Paul - Burberry 'London in Los Angeles' event held at Griffith Observatory - Arrivals at Griffith Observatory - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 16th April 2015

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian
Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian
Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian

Burberry "London In Los Angeles" Event - Red Carpet

Aaron Paul - A host of celebs were snapped as they attended the Burberry 'London in Los Angeles' event which was held at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California, United States - Friday 17th April 2015

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul

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Aaron Paul

Date of birth

27th August, 1979








So this happened last night and then @adrianalima posted it for the world to see. How can I not repost this? And also use it for every screen saver I have? #supermodels #ilovemywife
Things are about to get really intense around here. Make sure to check out @triple9movie when it comes out February 26th.
That uncle would be me. Bravo @owen__hart you have made me proud. Like his video and challenge him to do something funny. Keep it clean people!!
Here’s a heart warmer to start your day: A guy wins 50 tickets to Super Bowl 50 from @marriottrewards. What’s he do with them? He uses the tickets to thank everybody who helped out when his son had a brain tumor – including his entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins) and the doctor who saved his kid’s life. Check out the whole thing: http://bit.ly/MRpaulaa #50to50 #FriendsofMR
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My friend was talking about his grandfather, and he said ‘I can’t imagine life without him.’ I thought of my parents. And how I don’t know what it means to be alive without them. And how it will feel when I some day lose them to the great transition. It suddenly made me feel very small and exposed. My parents have both lost theirs, and when that happened, they went through a shock, a change: they were suddenly, very completely on their own. I hadn’t realized that in the back of my mind, I have always known that if shit really went down, if life fell apart, I could always crawl back into the arms of my mother, I could lean on my father. I have always had a plan Z, and that knowledge has given me wings.
You will jump from branch to branch if there is water beneath you. Take away the water, and you might grip a little tighter. Or stop jumping.
I don’t mean to be a downer. I just got to thinking about kids without parents. And adults without parents, finding themselves beneath the sky, on their own. And people who were abandoned, or felt abandoned. The strength they had to find. About my parents losing their parents and how they held it together, shielding my soft childhood from the weight that adults carry. I am so grateful. And want to honor them while they are here with me. And cherish them. I know we have some fantasy of escaping and defeating death, but I don't believe in that. Loss is what gives love meaning, what makes time precious. Without contrast, there is no color. I believe in the wisdom of the time we have been given. And the duty to respond to it. I want to have said 'I love you' and 'thank you' too much rather than too little.
Bojack for the WIN!!!!!! Thank you everybody for the love and support for this beautiful show. Couldn't be more proud to be a part of it. #Criticschoiceawards #Netflix #drunkhorse #depressionisreal #hollwoo
Embracing the storm. My good god I love me a good blizzard. I will be sad to leave you New York. ❄️☃❄️☃
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