Plenty of interesting things went down over the weekend at the San Diego Comic Con International, but whilst most of us were preoccupied with rumours and rumblings about future superhero adventures, outside the packed-out venue a real-life superhero act was taking place as a group of stuntmen rescued a woman from her 14th floor apartment.

Aaron Taylor Johnson
Aaron Johnson stars in Kick Ass 2

The stuntmen, who were in town to promote Kick Ass 2 at the four-day event, heard a comotion coming from the building and immediately rust to the woman's rescue, saving her from her peril.

According to ABC News, the woman was threatening to jump and end her own life when she was spotted by the three men - Amos Carver, Gregg Sergeant and Scot Schecter - who were setting up a private party outside the Comic Con venue.

Whilst many onlookers used to seeing film companies pull out all the stops when promoting new films shrugged off her suicide claim as just another stunt, the three men sprinted across three lanes of traffic and climbed over a fence into her apartment building, before climbing up the fourteen flights of stairs and breaking into her room where they managed to pull her back over the balcony.

"We went through the apartment trying to be as quiet as possible. We didn't want to alert her that we were there," Carver told ABC, going on to mention that when they arrived at the balcony they found her hanging on to the balcony with one hand and with one foot off the ledge. He also added that the woman was clearly intoxicated at the time of the rescue.

"She just kept saying 'I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry' over and over again. She was very distraught."

The woman, whose identity has been witheld, is believed to have been grieving over a recent break-up. Carver went on to add, "We're trained to deal with these situations should they arise, ut usually if we do, it's not an innocent civilian."

Chloe Grace Moretz
Chloe Grace Moretz also stars in the film