Aaron Taylor-Johnson lives for his family, not his career.

The 'Kick-Ass 2' star has two daughters - Wylda Rae, three, and seven-month-old Romy Hero - with wife Sam Taylor-Wood and he insisted he is always focused on them rather than future projects.

He said: ''My whole thing, my priority, is my family, my kids and my wife. That's my future. I don't really care about what role is next.

''That s**t couldn't bother me in the slightest. Because, in the back of my head, I know there's always something. That's not in an arrogant kind of way, it's just like you can step in and out of it.''

The 23-year-old actor admitted he wants to be able to go on hiatus ''for a good'' few years and spend time with family instead of having to constantly move from film to film.

He told The Independent on Sunday newspaper: ''Sometimes I think I'd like to step out for a good four or five years. And maybe I'll do that, you know. I'm not attached to things.

''I don't have that ambitious thing that most actors my age have ... For me, I just want to spend time with the kids. But they've already set up what they're doing next.

''And that's fine. I was like that at one point. But I don't live to act, to go from job to job, and being in everyone's face all the time. I live for my wife and my kids and I wake up to them and that's what I enjoy.''