If you think American Neo-Nazis are scary, you should see what their German counterparts are like. In Fuehrer Ex, two aimless and angry East Berlin teens mope through the final years of the East German state and make some disastrous decisions in search of freedoms that history is about to hand them anyway. If only they had been a bit more patient.

Heiko (Christian Blumel) and Tommy (Aaron Hildebrand) are best friends so intent on getting time off from their boring jobs that they injure each other to get sick leave. In their free time they drink beer on the roof of a crumbling Stalinist apartment block, and Tommy lays out his plan to escape to Australia. Heiko, the less daring of the duo, thinks it's a crazy idea, and the plan is put on hold when Tommy is arrested for setting fire to an East German flag and packed off to prison.

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