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Disney Plan Live Action Winnie The Pooh

Aa Milne Lily James Kenneth Branagh

Disney are planning a live-action remake of Winnie The Pooh.

The company are said to be working on a new adventure featuring Aa Milne's iconic character following on from the success of their adapted fairytale 'Cinderella' starring Lily James.

Alex Ross Perry is on board to develop the film which hopes to give the old tale a new lease of life and will feature an adult Christopher Robin returning to the Hundred Acre Wood, reports Deadline.

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Milne's Granddaughter Fails In Pooh Lawsuit

Winnie The Pooh Aa Milne

Winnie The Pooh author Aa Milne's granddaughter has failed in her bid to wrestle control of the rights to the children's book from licensee STEPHEN SLESINGER. Slesinger, who worked as a producer in New York City, obtained the rights following an agreement with AA MILNE in 1930, before signing over the rights along with Milne's widow to Disney in 1961. A subsequent 1983 agreement reassigned the rights to Slesinger's widow and daughter. CLAIRE MILNE's lawsuit, which was filed in 2002, sought to terminate the agreement with the Slesinger family and hand them to Disney. But the US Supreme Court in Los Angeles declined to even hear the case, ruling that she could not void the 1983 agreement.

Pooh Gets The Push

Christopher Robin Winnie The Pooh Aa Milne Nancy Kanter

Christopher Robin has been axed from the new animated Disney version of Winnie The Pooh.

Robin, who was based on author Aa Milne's real son of the same name, will be replaced by a young tomboyish girl for the 2006 movie, which will feature all the other much-loved characters including EEYORE and RABBIT, and will be aimed at a more politically correct audience.

Nancy Kanter from The Disney Channel insists the character hasn't vanished permanently.

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Voice Of Tigger Dies

Disney Winnie The Pooh Aa Milne Grammy Awards Jean

American ventriloquist and inventor PAUL WINCHELL, the voice of TIGGER in Disney's Winnie The Pooh films, died in his Los Angeles home on Friday (24JUN05). He was 82.

The New Yorker led an extraordinary life, after contracting polio at the young age of six and fighting a speech impediment, he went on to be a huge success in all three of his chosen careers - in inventing, TV hosting and as an ventriloquist.

As an inventor, he patented over 30 ideas, including ones for an artificial heart, a disposable razor, a flameless cigarette lighter and an invisible garter belt.

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Pooh Photo Sold For $6,300

Christopher Robin Aa Milne Disney

An unseen photograph of the real Christopher Robin, who inspired his father Aa Milne to create the WINNIE THE POOH stories, has been sold for at auction for $6,300 (GBP3,500).

English author Milne's six-year-old child and his beloved cuddly pear POOH were the central characters of his novels, which spawned the mega-successful Disney cartoon series and films.

The picture - taken at Milne's family home in COTCHFORD FARM in Kent, south-east England, was included in a family album which was auctioned at DUKES AUCTION HOUSE in Dorchester, Dorset, south west England.

09/07/2004 13:27

Johnnie Cochran Fights For Pooh

OJ Simpson Johnnie Cochran Disney Aa Milne Winnie The Pooh

OJ Simpson's former lawyer Johnnie Cochran is set to give Disney bosses a headache after agreeing to represent the estate of writer Aa Milne in an ongoing battle over royalties for character Winnie The Pooh.

Cochran has been employed by the SLESINGER family to assist in their long-running feud with the film giant, which began when STEPHEN SLESINGER and his wife licensed the honey-loving bear's adventures to Disney in the 1960s.

The relationship turned sour during the 1990s when the family became convinced that they had been cheated out of royalties by Disney and the legal wrangling has dragged on ever since, without any judgement being made.

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