Funnyman John Cleese is developing a musical version of his hit comedy A Fish Called Wanda.
The Monty Python star has teamed up with his daughter Camilla to rework the 1988 jewel heist film, which starred Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline.
And the Brit insists he's thoroughly enjoying working with Camilla on the project.
He says, "They asked me if we could try and write a musical of A Fish Called Wanda... We changed the last 20 minutes completely. It's been great fun changing it. I love writing with Camilla. Camilla has great, unusual ideas, off-the-wall ideas and I'm a good little technician, I can do the carpentry.
"We've handed the book in - that's everything except the music - and what we're trying to figure out now is a deal with Mgm, 'cause they own the rights, they made the original movie. The other thing is to get a director to help us integrate the music into it because I'm hilariously unmusical. I'm so unmusical that when I was in a Broadway musical, they refused to let me sing. I had to mime onstage!"