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Anthony Burgess Honoured With Blue Plaque

10th October 2012

A Clockwork Orange author Anthony Burgess is set to be honoured in the U.K. with a special blue plaque at the university where he studied.The late British writer's life will be commemorated with the memorial,...

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Karl Urban: Dredd 3d Violence Is Like Clockwork Orange

6th September 2012

Karl Urban thinks the violence portrayed in 'Dredd 3D' is similar to 'A Clockwork Orange'. The 40-year-old actor - who portrays Judge Dredd in the forthcoming action movie - admits he ''recoiled'' the first time...

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Malcolm Mcdowell Honoured With Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

17th March 2012

Gary Oldman paid tribute to his friend Malcolm Mcdowell as the A Clockwork Orange icon accepted his Hollywood Walk of Fame honour on Friday (16Mar12), hailing the veteran star for inspiring him to take up...

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Fascinating Fact 13019

11th March 2012

A Clockwork Orange star Malcolm Mcdowell is to be honoured with the 2,465th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His star will be unveiled outside Hollywood Boulevard's British pub The Pig n' Whistle on...

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Fascinating Fact 11951

17th August 2011

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences are to salute the 40th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece A Clockwork Orange with the screening of a new digital restoration of the movie in Beverly Hills...

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Mcdowell's Regrets Over Kubrick Fall Out

14th July 2011

Actor Malcolm Mcdowell's biggest regret is not making peace with A Clockwork Orange director Stanley Kubrick before he died.The legendary filmmaker hired MCDowell to play young sociopath Alex DeLarge in his violent 1971 masterpiece, and...

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Grint Rep Plays Down Clockwork Orange Photo

1st October 2010

A representative for RUPERT GRINT is adamant the actor is not encouraging children to read graphic novel A CLOCKWORK ORANGE in a new poster campaign - he was merely celebrating his favourite book.The Harry Potter...

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Grint Wants Kids To Read A Clockwork Orange

1st October 2010

RUPERT GRINT has risked upsetting parents of young HARRY POTTER fans - he's urging them to read controversial novel A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.The actor joined his former co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson in signing up...

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Mcdowell Collects Toy Cars

19th November 2009

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE star MALCOLM MCDOWELL has an impressive collection of mechanical toy cars.The actor has filled his California home with early 20th century friction toys, known as hill climbers - and now he is...

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Fascinating Fact 6020

23rd September 2008

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE star MALCOLM MCDOWELL is to be honoured with a lifetime achievement award at the upcoming 11th annual Savannah Film Festival in Georgia. The event runs from 25 October (08) to 1 November...

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Jagger Was Desperate For A Clockwork Orange Role

4th May 2008

ROLLING STONE SIR MICK JAGGER was desperate to land a lead role in controversial film A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, according to the movie's executive producer. In a letter from Si Litvinoff to prospective director John Scheslinger...

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Rolling Stones Considered A Clockwork Orange

17th November 2007

THE ROLLING STONES came close to starring in the movie adaptation of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, but their manager failed in his bid to secure the film rights from novelist ANTHONY BURGESS. Stanley Kubrick went on...

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Fascinating Fact 3893

7th September 2007

HILARY DUFF's actress sister HAYLIE is dating A CLOCKWORK ORANGE star MALCOLM MCDOWELL and MARY STEENBURGEN's son CHARLIE. The hunky 24-year-old is also former CHEERS star TED DANSON's stepson....

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Mcdowell Charmed By Zombie

30th August 2007

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE star MALCOLM MCDOWELL was "charmed" by heavy rocker-turned-filmmaker ROB ZOMBIE on the set of the HALLOWEEN remake, after fearing he'd signed on to work with sick killer CHARLES MANSON. The British actor...

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The Things They Say 5459

28th August 2007

"I hope I'm not around to see the remake of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE." Actor MALCOLM MCDOWELL is praying nobody remakes STANLEY KUBRICK's classic 1971 movie, in which he starred....

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Mcdowell: 'I'm Not Scared Of Eye Drops'

19th July 2007

British actor MALCOLM MCDOWELL has slammed rumours he has a phobia of eye drops after his performance in iconic STANLEY KUBRICK movie A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. The star played Alex de Large in the controversial 1971...

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Jagger Almost Got Clockwork Role

25th May 2007

SIR MICK JAGGER almost beat actor MALCOLM MCDOWELL to the lead role in cult classic A CLOCKWORK ORANGE - because his band owned the rights to the book. MCDowell shot to fame playing the bowler-hatted...

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Clockwork Orange Housing Estate To Be Demolished

29th January 2007

Residents of a town in south England are celebrating after winning their fight to tear down the housing estate immortalised in 1971 film A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Director STANLEY KUBRICK's violent masterpiece depicted a bleak futuristic...

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Fascinating Fact 2272

22nd October 2006

The original OCEAN'S 11, NORTH BY NORTHWEST, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, TRAINSPOTTING, SHAFT, BULLITT and RESERVOIR DOGS have been named among the 25 Most Stylish Films of All Time in a new GQ magazine poll.

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The Da Vinci Code Makes Most Controversial List

9th June 2006

THE DA VINCI CODE has only been in cinemas for three weeks, but it has already been named one of the most controversial movies of all time. Entertainment Weekly magazine has named the top 25...

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English Patient And Clockwork Orange Among Top Adaptations

19th April 2006

Desert romance THE ENGLISH PATIENT, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE and gay cowboy epic BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN have been included in a shortlist of the best 50 books to make it to the big screen. The list, compiled...

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Malkovich Plays Kubrick Conman

23rd November 2005

JOHN MALKOVICH is to play the conman who convinced Britain he was reclusive movie mogul STANLEY KUBRICK in the early 1990s in a new film. The BEING JOHN MALKOVICH star will play ALAN CONWAY...

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Jason Leigh Slams British Press

4th October 2005

BACKDRAFT beauty JENNIFER JASON LEIGH has slammed the British press as bullies, who love to print lies. The 43-year-old actress feels victimised by hounding tabloid reporters and even a role in forthcoming London journalism...

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Dylan Hit Makes History

5th August 2005

The release of BOB DYLAN's 1965 hit LIKE A ROLLING STONE has topped a poll of the most revolutionary moments in popular culture. The influential track has been hailed as the inspiration for...

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Hitchcock Named Best Director Never To Win Oscar

24th January 2005

ALFRED HITCHCOCK has been named the best director to have never won an OSCAR, in a new poll of British movie fans. The legendary PSYCHO film-maker was nominated six times between 1941 and 1961...

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Monty Python And The Holy Grail 'Greatest British Film'

13th February 2004

Irreverent comedy MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL has surprisingly triumphed in a new comprehensive poll of the greatest British films of all time. The 1975 movie beat STANLEY KUBRICK's A CLOCKWORK ORANGE into...

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Mcdowell Predicts Ballet Craze

2nd December 2003

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE actor MALCOLM McDOWELL predicts his next film will make ballet dancing the next craze. The British thespian stars in ROBERT ALTMAN's upcoming movie THE COMPANY, which is about an ensemble troupe...

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1939 Voted Hollywood's Greatest Year

11th September 2003

Hollywood was better in the good old days - a new survey has found 1939 was the greatest year in the history of Tinseltown. Movie classics GONE WITH THE WIND, GOODBYE MR CHIPS, WUTHERING...

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Monty Python And The Holy Grail Tops New Cult Poll

10th June 2003

British comedy MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL has topped a fresh poll of cult movie classics - after the public answered the critics back. In an original list put together last month...

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Kooky David's Bad Taste Concerns Courteney

5th June 2003

Wacky movie star DAVID ARQUETTE has such crazy tastes, his wife COURTENEY COX has banished his kooky collections from their lounge. Style queen Courteney, who plays fussy homemaker MONICA in FRIENDS, admits many of...

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