The Puerto Rican star has been a prominent figure in Latin music for more than 15 years, but now he's taking his talents to the big screen with a movie titled Soldado de Dios (God's Soldier).

Wisin tells Mexican news agency Notimex that he penned the script for the film, and already has one famous friend on board to add star power to the project.

He says, "It's a tedious process that will take us a lot of time, but we're counting with (sic) the help of many friends. 50 Cent already knows about the project and offered to be a part of it. I'm sure that once I call my great friends, they'll want to form part of this project...

"The movie will not be about shootings or cars. It's important to address social issues because not only do we have older fans, but also young and I have two children. That's why you have to think of how you can contribute to society and that people understand that the artists in the urban world have a noble side."