50 Cent has revealed upcoming plans for not one but two new albums, with the rap star and much-publicised human shooting target set to give his fifth LP away for Free before releasing his sixth with his current record label Interscope. The news follows months of Fiddy bad mouthing Interscope and repeatedly threatening to leave them.
"My official Interscope album is called Street King Immortal due out in nov" announced 50 - real name Curtis Jackson - before going on to give his fans another treat by Tweeting "You can't buy album 5 it's Free street king immortal will be for sale SMSaudio". He went on to reveal that the full CD of album five, seemingly called '5', would be out on his birthday which by our reckoning is just two days away.
It's always amusing to flick through Curtis' Twitter feed and no sooner had the hip-hop bad man announced news of his forthcoming albums than he had to turned attention to his kids, who were apparently staying with him for the Usa Independence Day holidays. "Man I just fell down the stairs. little bad ass kids left a damn skate board out sh*t", he tweeted, before continuing to cuss his kids, evidently being given the run around by the tykes. "I never new a kid this bad in my life they gotta go home now I'm sorry" he exclaimed later on, before adding "I call my self being cool having the kids over for the fourth. This little fool tried to kill me" and claiming that he was going to have to send them to his grandmother. For a man who survived being shot nine times you'd think managing kids would be nothing.