The In Da Club hitmaker, real name Curtis Jackson, was ordered to testify about his finances on Tuesday (21Jul15) as part of his ongoing legal battle over a sex tape he leaked online in 2009.

A New York judge ordered 50 Cent to hand over $5 million (£3.3 million) to Lastonia Leviston earlier this month (Jul15), after determining the rapper had no right to use the sexually explicit footage she had filmed with her then-boyfriend for his own spoof video, and now jurors are considering punitive damages against the star.

50 Cent appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday, a week after filing for bankruptcy, and admitted he had been putting on a front by renting Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Rolls Royces he has previously boasted about online, while also borrowing the diamond-studded watches and other jewels he flashes on social media.

He told the court, "The hip-hop culture is aspirational. It's like music videos... you see all these fancy cars but everything goes back to the dealership."

50 Cent also claimed he made just 10 cents for each of his 48 million album sales, totalling $4.8 million (£3 million), and insisted his net worth is just $4.4 million (£2.75 million) - despite Forbes finance experts previously estimating his fortune at $155 million (£96.9 million).

The hip-hop star also took the time to apologise to Leviston, saying, "I'm sorry if you feel like I hurt you."

His lawyer, James Renard, added that his client's bank balance is quickly approaching zero due to unpaid debts.

He said, "That's the current financial condition and we believe that's very important with respect to the assessment of any damages."

The case is due to draw to a close later this week (ends24Jul15).