50 Cent has personal debts of over $28 million.

The 'Candy Shop' rapper - who recently filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection - laid out the details of what he owes in a federal court filing last night (16.07.15), with his biggest single debt being owed to Sleek Audio.

The Florida firm previously sued 50 - whose real name is Curtis Jackson - for stealing their headphone design and won a judgement worth $18,428,257, a ruling the rapper has unsuccessfully appealed.

In total, the 40-year-old star owes a grand total of $28,478,920.75, with his unpaid creditors including his father, who he owes $1,737.33, and Bentley, who he is in debt to for $137,880 for the car he leases.

After Sleek Audio, the 'In Da Club' hitmaker's next biggest creditor is Lastonia Leviston, who won $5 million in damages from the star last week after suing him for putting her private sex tape on the Internet and doctoring the footage.

She is also set to receive additional money for punitive damages, but the jury's deliberations were halted due to the rapper's bankruptcy filing.

50 recently said he filed for bankruptcy because he didn't want to ''become a target'' and is simply ''taking precautions''.

He said: ''I'm taking the precautions that any other good businessperson would take in this situation. You know when you're successful and stuff, you become a target. I don't wanna be a bulls eye. I don't want anybody to pick me as the guy that they just come to with astronomical claims and go through all that.''