1208 (1994 - 2007) 1208 was an American punk band from California that formed in 1994 and split up in 2007 after the release of two albums.

Formation: 1208 formed in California in 1994 with members Alex Flynn (vocals), Neshawn Hubbard (guitar), Bryan Parks (bass) and Manny McNamara (drums). The band name originates from the apartment the band members first shared. Vocalist Alex Flynn's uncle is Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn. They signed to Epitaph Records in 2001.

Career: 1208's first album 'Feedback Is Payback' came out on 12th February 2002, via Epitaph Records. The album was produced by Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge.

Their second album 'Turn Of The Screw' was released on 9th February 2004, once again through Epitaph. A song from the album 'Fall Apart' was featured on the racing video game, 'Burnout 3'.

In 2006, 1208 were supposedly working on a third studio album, however their website was taken offline the year before and steadily speculation grew that no new album was coming.

After the band revealed that they had broken up in 2007, they played on final show together in 2009, with all members of the band except for the drummer, Manny McNamara, who was replace by Donald Conrad from Deviates for the performance.

Biography by Contactmusic.com